Employ some of the techniques developed in the field of dynamic three-dimensional graphics

28-03-2013 10:43

The emergence and development of technologies associated with work, technology and modern debate about the impact on the concept of art.

Technology is an important factor in changing the tools that the designer and which deals with multimedia murals and facades of architectural and environmental beauty and three-dimensional space (walls - ceilings - floors, etc.).

The modern technology is a powerful tool, which imposed itself in recent times on the ideas of the designer in dealing with the void architectural mass and architectural After having the tools the designer is the colors and brush and raw materials (coatings mural) turned to the light and colors, sound and computer graphics to bring down the three-dimensional to the voice and the light and _ping video to the interfaces and blocks architecture.... etc. and finally to transform surfaces and architectural space into an interactive environment interactive environment, was made interactive floor for example, respond to the visual effects through the display screen to the movements of the user which requires presentation and complex calculations within the Computer to display the real time and all that falls under the term interactive art interactive art. It is art based on a relationship of interaction between the viewer and the artwork Some sculptures made ​​of that interaction by leaving freedom to the viewer in the curfew in the technical work and included some business other interactive group of computers and sensors to respond to movement or heat or any other type of input is the latest these techniques also which helped the designer in the creative process of mainstream new art and _ the use of technology is to see us for many ideas and projects, which include _ping the video to the architectural structures and the most interesting in these films it is taking already shown the building in mind for the establishment of optical illusion in the perception and encourage viewers to think in buildings as architecture forms to get the full effect it helps to think and connect the viewer with the view, and not bring down the video a new idea only, but Maitnolh this video is the tool design masterpiece is subject to the vision of each artist is determined by his genius and creativity personality and sense of place.

The research seeks to employ a number of advanced technologies in the field of graphics dynamic three-dimensional simulation and the achievement of the fourth dimension where, the aim of research here is to improve the realistic graphics graphic three-dimensional by adding an element of time (fourth dimension) through the use of dynamic render of procedural texture and materials fees at a time the real through a set of assumptions, where the researcher assumes that he can be the algorithmic procedural minor amendments to a number of features in the areas of achieving a realistic three-dimensional graphic drawings.