Analysis of poetry: Goldman Similarities as an Approach to Interpret and Understand Poetry

01-05-2014 23:26

The French critics and the whole world neglected the theory of Lucian Goldman in interpreting the literary texts. So, there were many challenging studies in contemporary French Criticism against his approach. There are many studies of his two books, The Hidden God 1959 in which he studied Bascule’s ideas and the drama of Racine and his other book Towards a Sociology of the Novel 1964. In this book, he established Genetic structuralism approach while studying Alain Robbe-Grillet’s (1922-2008) novels. On the other hand, critics neglected Goldman’s studies of the French poetry about Baudelaire and Saint- John Perse (1887-75).

This research tries to make a kind of comparison between Goldman on one side and Malraux and Strauss on the other side to find the similarities among them. Did Goldman change his way of analysis when dealing with poetry? Can the Genetic Structuralism approach be applied on all literary genres regardless their languages and cultures?  These are questions to be answered.