The birth of the literary legend in the story _Sirroh albaati_ by Yusuf Idris: a comparative study

11-05-2014 22:25

Abstract: This paper is mainly trying to explore the dimensions of the simultaneous similarity based on both the direct influence as well as the parallelism between the aim of the modern legend on the one hand and the how it comes into being on the other hand, facing the international ancient legends. This is going to be discussed via a critique on the text of the story (Sirroh Albaati_) written by Yusuf Idris 1958, which came to being as a narrative story connected with rite from a modern legend based on the cradle of the modern Egyptian culture affected and influenced by some of the international and Egyptian legendary tales.

This comparative study also manipulates the level of this comprehensive and exciting text concerning both the conscious and unconscious textual interchanges with both the written and oral human legends. This comparative study also adopts the connection of the legend_s concept with the symbolic approach (simiology), regardless of the classical concept of the legend. It, also, tries to prove that the studies are always mortal but the texts are immortal, attracting researchers to innovate and give birth to new comprehension and explications.